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Question BSPlayer SDK question.

Hello, everyone.

I am writing a Java library for controllin' BSP, using Java Native Access.

And I have some difficulties with sending WM_COPYDATA messages: when I send'em the only return from SendMessage I get is false, which means, something's wrong.

Sending WM_BSP_CMD messages is clear to me and Everything works fine.

Code I use to send WM_COPYDATA:
cds.dwData = new ULONG_PTR(BSP_SetSkin);
cds.lpData = ByteBuffer.wrap(skinName.getBytes());
cds.cbData = cds.lpData.limit();
LRESULT result = ExtendedUser32.INSTANCE.SendMessage(hWnd,
				new LPARAM(Pointer.nativeValue(cds.getPointer())));
BSP version: 2.57.1015
OS: Windows 7
Java: jdk-6u22

Thanks in advance.

PS: ExtendedUser32 is my mapping interface to call functions from user32.dll

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