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I think it's you who tried to join me by mail
unfortunately I an unable to consult this mailbox at the moment (for 2 months), I just happened to see it by chance

I'd say chf files are useless of you use bsi files, because all the info contained in chf files are kept in bsi files as well (in the [CHAPTERS] section)
chf are CHapters Files (at least I suppose it's the meaning of chf)
they store chapters in a list
- chapter number
- chapter time (beginning)
- chapter title
look at the bsplayer_install_dir\docs\ini_files.htm file for more

you can set up these infos by hand, which is quite a hassle
or using Chapter eXtractor (can't remember a url but you should find it easily) which extracts chapters timing (not names) from an ifo file or... read more

Mattimot's ChapMaker will allow you to build cbf files which store images for bsplayer's "Chapter Viewer" which is an handy way to browse chapters. What's more, ChapMaker now supports extraction of chapters timing from an ifo file (no need for Chapter eXtractor anymore), so it builds a chf file as well

once you've got the chf file, just copy its contents where appropriate in the bsi file and get rid of the chf

I'm sorry if this post is a bit confused, I,m a bit tired and in a hurry

P.S. I don't intend to visit this forum again so soon, I'm not supposed to and I have little time, I hope you can put up things with what I wrote here and/or what anybody else will feel like adding

P.P.S. it would be nice if you deleted the duplicate messages that you left below
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