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Default Strange problem with WD Mybook Live nas

I recently bought a WD Mybook Live nas and connected it to my Gb network. Goal was to put all media files, HD .mkv and dvd's onto the drive so they could be accessed by multiple computers.
Copying the files to the nas was no problem. It achieves speeds about 60 MB which is pretty fast for a cheep nas.
I've put the .mkv files in a seperate share.

Soon I discovered that if I want to play a .mkv from the nas, Bsplayer took about 90-120 seconds to start playing the movie. If I put the file on a share of an other computer, Bsplayer starts within 1-2 seconds.

Of course the problem is within the nas, but because i did not have any problems playing dvd's with another program i began to wonder why Bsplayer took so long.

Analysing the problem I used PROCMON and traced the I/O Bsplayer does when start playing.
I was very suprised what it did. After opening the file it executed hundred of thousands 1 byte (!) reads towards the end of the file.
Only after the playing starts Bsplayer uses 65K block reads.

Furthermore I discovered that the 1 byte reads from the NAS took 143 times more time than from a normal computer share.
Of cause I asked WD support about this, but they denied the problem saying "we don't support Bsplayer".

Still I am wondering why Bsplayer does so many 1 byte reads opposed to other programs which don''t ? Why are these necessary ?
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