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Im recuesting features,

-always start bsplayer with the same window size & position, not the last size-pos, which is a feature already avaliable, i mean a mannually entered value, ex: always start at left bottom screen with 720x480 of video windows size

-always start bsplayer with the same audio volume, ex: always start with volume at 80%, i also mean a mannually entered value

Into Bsplayer 2.50 or older I Can just put Read Only Attribute to bsplayer.xml, voila, same settings every time bsplayer start

But Doing the same into bsplayer 2.57 Shows an annoying message that shows herself 4 Times in Row about the folder that it is into the BSPlayer settings its locked to write:

"Can't save configuration file!
Please reinstall with default settings or choose folder with write

Im a little more clear now?

anyway im into Win7 x64 SP1 & WinXP x86 SP3 dual boot
but i dont have trouble, i have need for these feaures since the change into bsplayer sourcecode that shows the described message

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