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Default advice: slow computer or poor videocard playback?? SOLVED!!!

This was perhaps already discussed in this forum, however, due to incompetent souls posting shit I decided to let the big secret to be known once again.

- Is your computer slow for DivX?

- Is your videocard a piece of shit with 8mb of RAM or less?

- Are you getting the "Overlay failed" message like all the time you run BSplayer and you are tired of the RGB mode?

- Are your movies being played like a broken rock-and-roll record?

Well, try this then:
Switch your desktop resolution to 640x480/256 colors. Yes, you read well, 256 colors. I swear, a miracle will happen. Not only your movies will be played somewhat faster than usually, the colors in the movie will be just fine and the overlay will be on!!! (providing it's on in video preferences -- overlay on and set to mode 1) That means generally very fast picture playback and no fukken desynced sound or video playback jerking. It's that simple. Try to do that in the poor Mplayer2 (or windows media player)! You'll get a non-watchable shitty picture. in BSplayer? it's ALL RIGHT!!! The picture is so beautiful that it seriously looks like in 32bit colors!!! and maybe it is, I don't know. The point is, it works, by some trick or a miracle and it looks cool.

There is however a small glitch to this amazing trick. Some movies for some reason give you after a moment a blue screen which will kill bsplayer (NOT crash the whole system). I don't know why it works sometimes, and with other movies won't. You can track it easily though, it shows up immediately after you try to seek in the movie.
I tried:
Xvid, Reign of Fire.avi, 730 732 544b -- works
Xvid, 28 Days Later.avi, 734 720 000b -- works
Xvid, Xvid-cs.avi, ('Clockstoppers'), 725 166 080b -- doesn't work
DivX, One Night at McCool's.avi, 735 535 624b -- doesn't work
DivX, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.avi, 733 253 632b -- works

I seriously don't know why those two won't work. The other movies seemed to be doing ok. Those two only played well in 16bit colors. I tried this on several different configurations and all seemed to give the same results -- very fast playback, but some movies wouldn't play. It would be really cool if BST or anyone could track this little sucker down and enable that which would allow MANY poor users get the best of their computer as well as BSplayer.
So, the final words, if it works for you, use this in good health, guys. And if it won't, well, it was time to upgrade your computer anyway, right?

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