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Default Bug Report: subtitles related crash in 256 color desktop

Ever tried to switch your desktop to 256 colors?

I wrote about this in the General forum, here's a more detailed report:
In the poor Mplayer2 (WMP6.4) you'll get a non-watchable shitty picture. in BSplayer? it's ALL RIGHT!!! The picture is so beautiful that it seriously looks like in 32bit colors!!! BSplayer plays the movie in overlay which I suspect still stayed in 32k color depth, while the desktop resolution itself is in 8k colors (256). Thus the desktop doesn't fill the memory on the graphics card and there might be a lot more mem to use for your overlay. That's however only a speculation which is only confirmed by the fact that it works and that movies with higher resolutions play very well in overlay when the desktop is switched to 256 colors (looking great, just like when played in 32k color depth), while refusing to switch to overlay when using higher resolutions and color depths.
All would be fine except that there is a bug when playing some movies while you desktop is in 256 colors. Some movies for some reason give you after a moment a blue screen which will kill bsplayer (NOT crash the whole system). I don't know why it works sometimes, and with other movies won't. You can track it easily, BST, it shows up immediately after you try to seek in the movie.
I tried:
Xvid, Reign of Fire.avi, 730 732 544b -- works
Xvid, 28 Days Later.avi, 734 720 000b -- works
Xvid, Xvid-cs.avi, ('Clockstoppers'), 725 166 080b -- doesn't work
DivX, One Night at McCool's.avi, 735 535 624b -- doesn't work
DivX, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.avi, 733 253 632b -- works

I seriously don't know why those two won't work. The other movies seemed to be doing ok. Those two only played well in 16bit color depth resolutions. As you can see the bug seems not to be hardware/codec-dependent, I also tried to switch to FFDSHOW, it's the same shit all over (except that FFDSHOW truly made the playback a bit faster).
I tried this on several [very] different configurations and all seemed to give the same results -- very fast playback, but some movies wouldn't play. It would be really cool if you BST or anyone could track this little sucker down and enable that which would allow MANY poor users to get the best of their computer as well as of BSplayer.

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