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Question Feedback and 3 issues


First off, GREAT work. I went through about 8 players last night on my Asus Transformer tablet in an effort to find one that'd happily play some anime .mkv files I have. The only one that was able to do it was BSPlayer .. and it did it fantastically; no slowdown at all. Great job!

I do have a couple comments, though.

* Subtitle font face/outline

Choosing the color and size of the font is great, but it would be nice if the text was outlined. For instance, a white font works great ... until the video is also white for a moment - then the subtitles are unreadable.

* Newlines in subtitles

It would appear that BSPlayer does its own thing for figuring out when to split subtitles on new lines. However, I noticed in the file I tested with, a number of '\n' characters showed up in longer lines of subs. Not sure what is going on here .. whether the subs were encoded with newlines in it in attempt to control where the line breaks happened .. or if BSPlayer is doing something weird with the subs..

* Audio stream choice

I saw that there was an option to change the audio stream. Great! I also saw that it didn't work. Boo! When I chose the second audio stream (being anime, 1 was English and 2 was Japanese), the video would pause. Upon resuming, it stayed on stream 1. Not sure what's going on here.. if it's a problem with my specific file I was trying or something more general. I will test further when I get home this evening.

I can provide the file I was attempting to play if you'd like to try testing locally. Please let me know. I'd also happily be a beta tester for you if you'd like. Plenty of various movies to try both on my Nexus One and Asus Transformer. I am also a java developer myself (although not on Android yet) so hopefully could provide insightful feedback.

Anyway, keep up the great work! Hope I can help ... and that this wasn't tl;dr

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