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Red face BS Player plays video file as audio file...please help!


I've struggled for weeks with this matter and after many hours trawling through the internet still can't solve it, so I'm turning to the experts. I'm a first-time poster, so please bear with me if I don't follow all the rules. I'm sure the information I make available will not be complete, so if you could let me know what additional information you require to help (and how to get it) I'd be more than happy to provide...


My problem is that BS Player plays certain AVI files as audio files, as if it's an mp3 file. I know they are valid video files, and they work fine when I play them with any other player (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Nero Show Time, etc), but of course I much prefer to use BS Player. The problem affects only AVI files (all other formats play fine) but not all AVI files. The problem also only happen once I have installed the latest DivX codes onto my PC. If I uninstall DivX altogether, the same AVI files play just fine on BS Player. Also, right-clicking on BS Player shows video disabled. When playing the files on BS Player, the file name which appears on the BS Player window shows a .m2ts extension...not one I'm familiar with and I'm not sure that it's only .m2ts files that are affected (besides, Windows shows the extension as .AVI)

The closest I have come across another post on the same issue is on this link:

However, the post seems to be unresolved and I'm none the wiser myself despite following the recommended actions.

I have set BS Player to play all file types, and I have tried every single rendering mode available but none of them solves the problem.

I have BS Player PRO version 2.57 installed, Build 1051, 8 December 2010 (I receive an "up to date" version message when checking for new versions).

I run Windows 7 Home Premium on my PC.

I really need DivX codecs for other video editing and equally I don't want to give up using BS Player as my default player.

Can anyone help please? Any information much appreciated and I'll try to answer questions as best I can...

Thank you in advance!
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