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New (or legacy) subtitle parser/renderer?
Oh yeah your right, only seem to effects the "old" subtitle renderer but as new is off as default it could prove a nuisance.

More importantly: rendering mode(s) used?
Yep, seems that it DOES matter what renderer (I didn't think that it would) I use so here are the result (only 1 Win XP test the rest is Win7 thus far):

Internal renderer overlay (for XP)
VMR 7-9
RGB Mode

NOT bugged
Internal renderer overlay (Aero disabled)
DirectDraw Surface
Overlay mixer (Aero disabled)

Can't test:
RGB overlay

Another little glitch is that "Subtitles"->"Check for subtitles Online"->"All" don't seem to respond when you click it manually.

Yeah I'm picky about quality, ain't that why we all love BSPlayer? ;)
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