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Apologies for a double post, but...

I found out, it might be related to video rendering option called "EVR", when I disable it, it no longer lags, however:

A) video is simply a crap, it's 720p rip, after switching from "EVR" to different render, it's like 640x320 crappy DVDrip

B) subtitles have this awful black contour around it, it just looks terrible

So, is there a better solution to this than uninstalling BS Player? I kind of like your software, it's really good one, but how come that some 1 year old version works better than the current one? I mean, I was using 2.57 I think, it was working just nicely on Windows 7, so how come, a newer version suffers from such handicap and literally kills the experience for all Aero users and let's be honest, 99,9% Vista and Windows 7 users started using it just because of those fancy new graphics.

1) Is there a solution, some codec pack or anything?

2) Is PRO version having same issues?

3) Can this be dealt with otherwise?

Please, let me know. I don't mind buying the PRO one or sponsoring your site or anything, I just want to cross this problem out of my to-do list and move on.

Best Regards,
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