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Internal renderers kills the Aero for me, it's mentioned in that topic Peter linked before. Some support guy explains in that topic that internal renderers are technically incompatible with Aero and that we should stick to EVR.

From what I've experienced, it's either EVR or nothing, because the other render settings looks even more weird to me and that Aero switch glitch, for someone who watches one movies a week, fine, but for someone, who watches a dozen videos daily, it's another eye killer, e.g. go basic display -> Aero -> basic -> Aero with each BS Player ON / OFF.

Probably, there might be a way, what Peter suggested, exploring what codecs or similar stuff are used during the play and analyze that.

FILTERS (playing .mkv):

Default DirectSound Device
Video Renderer
Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder
Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder
-> This is what I see, when I open the "Options" - "Filters" - "Advanced".

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