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Apologies to bother again, I probably ought to go PRO and get the premium support anyway, I know this is for free and I very appreciate your attitude and interest trying to help me out.


I've reinstalled the BS Player, all codecs and stuff and after I made it even worse during this whole procedure, I'm back at square one, which is actually a good thing.

1) 2.61 1065 works FINE, when an .mkv is opened in small window.

2) 2.61 1065 works FINE, when an .mkv is opened and maximized.

3) When external (.srt / .sub) subtitles are loaded into the movie, it causes the choppy screen glitch. Every new scene or every 3 or 4 seconds, it somewhat pauses itself, plays the same frame over like 20 or 30 times, but very, very fast, like 2 or 3 secs., then it goes on for another 4 or 5 seconds normally, stops again, replays the current frame very, very fast around 20 or 30 times, then moves on again.


1. It apparently installed all the necessary codecs, but when I check filters, it seems that it's not using them. How can I select, which codec it will use or is it even possible?

2. How can I check all my codecs on PC?

3. When I go to the preferences, there's "General", "Video" and "Audio" and others. In the "Video" tab, there is 2x "DivX" and "FFD" and all are non-clickable, I cannot click on those, is it good or bad?

4. PRO version has better codecs or the difference is just between those YouTube functions and some other stuff?

Thank you very much. BS Player is the best!

Best Regards,
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