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I have the same problem (and I also have the same problems mentioned above with the direct show surface).

Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Subtitles [Subtitle properties]
Check/select "Enable drawing subtitles under image with EVR renderer"
(and maybe try "Use new subtitle parser/renderer")
As the first post suggests, that leaves the subtitles (or, more specifically, the part rendered below the actual movie image) hanging around on the screen until the next line shows up, as if though that part of the screen isn't polled when the time of the current subtitle runs out.

EDIT: I should note that this does not happen all of the time. Sometimes the subtitles disappear when they should.

EDIT 2: I should probably also note that I'm using the new subtitle parser/renderer.

On a side note, I used to use the default renderer, which worked great, but after upgrading the drivers for my Asus GTX 570 DCII GPU to the latest version (285.62), unfortunately it no longer works properly with BSplayer 2.57 and my Acer H5360 beamer. It works sporadically with my monitor (Acer 27" HN274HBMIIID 3D display), but most of the time it does not.

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