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Thanks BSPeter!

That post addressed EXACTLY what my issue is. The solution also worked for me:
Originally Posted by Ragamuffa
Posted 31 October 2011 - 01:54 PM (here)
Ok, so I've found a work-around!
At least if you don't want to reinstall Windows or use the System Restore feature!

I found this (and other) pages when trying to Google for a solution, but couldn't find anything... so now that I found a work-around I thought it was my "duty" to register here and share it.

The problem seems to be caused by the avrt.dll that Kies put in the Windows\System32 folder.
Simply renaming the file stopped the annoying pop-ups to appear all the time. Worked for me at least in Windows XP SP3.

Again, not the perfect solution but a decent work-around.

// Ragamuffa
Seems that what the error indicates is that the Samsung Kies software is trying to call the .dll file like it would with Vista or Win7, but of course I'm using WinXP. I'll contact Samsung to try and get them to fix this so that other people don't get the same issue and require this workaround. Thanks again BSPeter for the quick and accurate response!

Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
Installed any other application recently? (Samsung?)
Maybe read this (entire!) discussion on another forum:
[Solved] Ntdll.dll Ntalpcsendwaitreceiveport Error On Startup - Renoise Forums
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