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:? I agree, this feature doesn't work properly. But I think it depends on what key BSPlay is looking for in the registry. Maybe it can be tweaked this way. I'll tell you if I find it coz in some high resolution I can get 75Hz, some time 60Hz. There are too much location in the registry were to set up the refresh rate I've not found the right one. I've to remind to test it on a clean registry one a new install.

Did you notice that by changing the resolution you loose the task bar !?!

:D Nevertheless, thanks a lot, I didn't know that forcing resolution was a way to make mode1 work. It's VERY interesting, as some feratures only work in this mode, I mean video stats [Alt+3] or Snapshot [P].

I've just tested forcing resolution and verified, with [Alt+3], that BSPlayer uses "YUY2 DR-overlay". It's the case, it really stays in mode1. In mode 2 I can't verify. Without overlay, [Alt+3] tells "YUY2 DR" too, and forcing RGB tells..."Unknown file format (DIVX)" :oops: It was due to some checks in my DivX5.02 decoder setup.
But anyway my Radeon VE can't play neither in RGB mode, nor in RGB overlay. With DivX5.02, I've a black screen, with DivX3.11 I get funny pink and green colors. (With or without vobsub)... And I don't care as it's not the more efficiant :lol:[/u]
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