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Default Have Video but No Sound

I seem to have a weird problem, i'm thinking it probably isn't just BSPlayer but I wasn't exactly going to try and get Microsoft to help with Media Player :roll:

Anyway, a couple days ago, for some reason, none of my avis, wmvs, mpegs or such would play at all. I had the codecs for them, and they worked the day before and such, but would no longer work.

So I went through, uninstalled my xvid and divx codecs, reinstalled them, still nada. So I went and install DivX 3.11alpha as suggested on a few posts here, installed 5.0.5 on top of it and blamo, I could play my avis and mpegs in DivX Player 2.1.

However, the videos that work properly in DivX Player 2.1 don't work properly in BSPlayer. I get the video but I get no sound.

Also, for some reason, I can no longer play wmv files, even WMP9 won't play them. I'm not sure what's going on as i'm wholly virus free and I already tried a scandisk.

Anyone with suggestions on getting sound in BSplayer and perhaps links to download the wmv/asf codecs?

EDIT - Update... I reinstalled WMP9, and have the same problem now with BSPlayer. I can play DivX files and such in it with video but no sound. However, WMV files still won't play, but now I can play them in Winamp with sound. Argh. I need my Dave Matthews fix!
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