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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
IMHO?!.. If you're Humble enough, you don't need an opinion at all. You just listen to "His Masters Voice", and that's it.. :-)

Now, you have been around here since.. let's say World War One or something..
So you are the Master with the Voice , and I keep on moving my tail, having my ears right up , OK?

Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
IMHO icons/buttons shouldn't need text (apart from ''hover over" help text)
The point is: if a user wants - let's say - to adjust Color, he/she stares at the control panel.. The Button must be recognised. The faster the better. This is what "ease of use" means. And if there are a lot of buttons, it is a problem.

So Icons must be designed well. (In Kiss 3.0 I just improved some Kiss 1.0 buttons. I am not a graphical designer)
But it isn't easy to design recognisable buttons for let's say: Zoom, Aspect Ratio, Jump 10 seconds, and others.
So I think, adding English text to at least half of the buttons, is an improvement.
And some words are very international like Video and Audio.
Other words are very fast understood like Zoom, Color, Equaliser, Speed, or Channel. These words are around everywhere..

I think, adding these words can improve recognition a lot.

Again: I believe users can make choices for software on very subtle grounds, and I think recognition of Buttons or options is very important.

Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
"color" (/) isn't English but American English.
Sight... Yes!
And I did not exactly became more pro-American, since their Middle-East policies, that in fact are a massive huge crime..
Promoting Americanism isn't really a hobby anymore..

But the question "What exactly is English?", has caused many to pull their hair out..
For instance: Perhaps half a billion people from India speak "English".. You don't want to know what it exactly is, they are speaking.
Suprisingly, the Americans still call their language "English"..

Or here in the Netherlands (mention something, and we don't now shit about it ): 90% of all movies and TV-series are American.
I did have Oxford-English in school, and watch English crimi's, and watch the BBC (like "Have I got News for You", very hard to understand for foreigners), but the American English has become so common, I cant tell the difference anymore.

So already had pulled hairs out over the word "Color"..
I thought it was Colour, but I got doubts, and seached Google..
Point was, in my Kiss 3.0 design, it was one character too much..
So I silently began to use "Color", hoping no one would notice..
Then I bumped into BSPeter..

But I am going to win this from you. :-) Decisive may be the BSP code in Skin.ini..
BSP itself mentions "Color" and not "Colour" in the button settings, the Menu, and the Color-window. (a lucky escape for me.. )
But I do thank you for defending proper English..
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