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Default DVD

Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
Regarding DVD issues.
First of all, you don't need DT to open ISOs. Just drop the ISO file onto BSPLayer's main window. It will play the file inside with no problems.

On the other hand, Title, Chapter and Menu functions are not strictlly related to DVDs, as today some other video containers support such features. So, taking them from the main menu and putting them somwhere else (such a DVD submenu) will confuse users.
Good Lord!! Can you just drop an ISO on BSPlayer?! These BSP guys are terrible! (good :-)

Your remarks set me to work! :-)
If Dvd-funcions work properly from buttons on the Main Control Panel, they definitely should be in the skin!
There is no point in serving Freeware users only. A good skin should promote BSP, and should certainly serve the users that pay, and keep BSP alive. So I'll tickle freeware users a bit by adding a nice DVD image, that only will work in the payed BSP PRO.
I've seen enough skins without Dvd-support, so it must be done.

Currently I am doing a few things.
- Testing Dvd-buttons. Earlyer I had problems, so I'll download a few ISO's now.
- AddArea or Hotspot for extra Dvd-buttons? I couldn't add a second AddArea (can it be done?), and the first one was graphically not very suited for Dvd-functions. So it will be a Hotspot for DvD. Just found out how to do it technically.
- Redesigning the Skin for Dvd. (I'll be back in a few days..)
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