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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
I am refering to the fact that Title, Chapter and Menu functions in the main menu are also working with other (at least MKV) files and shouldn't be moved from there.
Thanks for your reply! J But your simple remark got me puzzled for quite some time, about which Buttons to add, and how to organise them in the Main Control or the extended area’s (by button, or hotspot)?

Weeks ago I left DVD out of the skin, because of some issues. On second thought, a strong DVD-section in an extended area seemed to be a good idea. But there is no button for DVD-Open. And then your remark about MKV came. I decided to give it a good look, but ended up with the fact, that there are only 4 possible actions for DVD by Buttons in the skin. (Title, Chapters, Subtitles, and Audio Streams.)

Then I found out, 3 of 4 of these actions for DVD even did not work at all in Base Skin. (only “Title” sometimes works) They do work from the BSP Menu, but not by Button. I asked a question about that in the “Bugs and Codecs” Forum, but got no reply so far. So I have to assume, these buttons just don’t work. Even from the BSP Menu, these functions did not always work. Also I had problems finding a working Mpeg-2 splitter.

All together I became negative about BSP and DVD.
What I would want is a button, that opens an extended area for special functions.
The button would have a round Dvd-disc Icon, and a popup saying “DVD – ISO - MKV”.
Special function Buttons would be: Open (only working for Dvd and Iso), Root Menu, Titles, and Chapters.

But for now I think, the only thing that can be added on the Main Control, is a small disc-icon for “Title”.
Agree? Or do the DVD Buttons in Base Skin (or any other skin) work in your player?
Thanks and greeting..
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