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You're right, Mute behaves funny, and all my tests leads to that result: [Ctrl] key is mandatory for this function. I guess that Bst have forgotten to remove in his code a hard-codded [Ctrl] key for the Mute function.

I've removed all editable assignements, by entering [BS] twice on every 77 function. I've also edited the KeyDef values in the registry, where each function get it's scan code, a DWord value that describes the shortcut. 1st byte is for the key (00 for ???), 2nd for the modifier (1=Shift, 2=Alt, 4=Ctrl, 7=All), the last word is either 0x0000 or 0x0100 but I can't explain why. Then I've tried to clear this last word, but no effect.

I couldn't assign a single letter as [M], [N] or [P]. Neither [BS] nor [Alt+M] works. But if [Ctrl] key is used, then it does work, for instance [Ctrl+M], [Ctrl+N], [Ctrl+Z], [Ctrl+Ins] or [Ctrl+Shift+M], [Ctrl+Alt+?].
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