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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
Persoanlly, I am a fan of ver 1 skin which doesn't have extended panel therefore never tested extra buttons. After reading your yesterday's post about, changed to base skin and found that, as you mentioned, buttons doesn't work. Lucky me, a colleague wanted a DVD and so I had a ISO on my HDD.
Probably many users never used them so there is no bug report until yours, so the developpement team probably don't know about this bug.
As Ico-Man frequently reads the forum, this information will be soon in developper's hands.
On the other hand, I personally think DVDs are obsolete, I rather have a 4,5 GB HD MKV file than an ISO of a DVD, as all of DVD's functionality is also implemented in MKVs ( multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles, menus and so). But in terms of can't compare them.

As for an MPEG2 splitter, I am puzzled about. I use to test splitters, decoders....and after installing LAV filters foud that DVDs won't play anymore (BSPlayer just closes itself with no message). ISOs, instead, are opened with no problems, using Elecard's package (which is some 4-5 years old). Why is that, I don't know.
Imagine a simple panel with only a few common options,
but having buttons for: Open / Play / Video / Audio / subtitles / Dvd + MKV / settings.
These buttons would immediately open a popup area with all options for that category.
You don't even have to click a Start Menu, or right-click the panel.
That is simple enough.

This is the alternative, I suggested in my initial post.
This would be a very simple panel, but with Buttons that are very easy to recognise.
It could be just a little bit easier to find and to click options than in WMP or VLC.
And the skin could be a pretty design, much better than VLC. :-)

BSP Version 1 skin was spectacular at the time, but is not very recognisable, unless you use it a lot.
The current extension area is a nice graphical joke, but does not encourage to use it.
The movement confuses a bit. Then the buttons are absolutely not recognisable. The options are not very complete. And then half of them don't work. :-)
In the Prophety-skin it is done better. But the popup area's are much too small for the amount of options, and the buttons in the Hotspot are not too logically grouped.
No wonder, you don't like extended area's.. :-)

In Kiss 3.0 I have one panel only. It has many buttons, but the grouping, and colouring, and adding of text should make them very recognisable. I use the extended for info only. And a hotspot for a joke. You'll be surprised. :-) I hope to upload it within a week.

Why people didn't report the Dvd-issue? They are too busy these days. They may blame it to their PC too. They may have too many issues with their PC already. They may be satisfied so far, when they get things done through the Menu. They may not take time to go to the Forum, create a login, and post about it. Who has time nowadays? :-)

Thanks and greeting! :-)

PS: Elecard Mpeg2-filter gave a scrambled picture on some Dvd's. I had to add it to the Blacklist.
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