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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
As for forum, I am using default skin with give me oldest first (in a thread) and newest first in a forum. Nothing changed.
I think it did change!
First I did this test; Go to a thread with a few posts. Look at the post-ordening. Then Log Out, because the website wil normally remember your personal sort-order choice. Renew the thread, and look if the post-order has changed?

I saw no difference. My personal choice was "Oldest first", but logged out I got that too. But I didn't trust it completely, so asked for confirmation here.
But suddenly I knew what to do. I changed my preference to Newest First, and now there was a clear difference. Logged in I get "Newest First", and logged out I get "Oldest First", as every newcomber should.

So I do think, it has been changed now. You won't notice, if you are automatically logged in here all the time. The website would follow your preference. That may not be the default setting. Perhaps years ago you changed it to Oldest First.

But I may be wrong. I might accidentally have choosen for Newest First, long ago. But I don't think so. When I started reading here, I wasn't logged in, and got the Newest one First, I believe...
Maybe ICO-Man has been "sneaking around", changing it faster than his shadow.. If so, Thanks!
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