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Default Ac3 and Bsplayer


I have two problems with the latest version of bsplayer :

1. It seems that since I exchanged my Sb Live with a Sb Audigy I seem to be unable to get Ac3-Output. I have checked the "Digital Output Only" Box and Mp3s, Games etc. work just fine. I have installed the Ac3-Filter from but if I select InterVideo AC3 like I always did with the sb live the comes just garbage out of my boxes. If I select "AC3 Filter" there is no sound output at all. I am using Win2k Sp4 and the latest version of the audigy drivers.

2. I have problems with some files of mine. If I start them directly via bsplayer the volume is so low as to be neary unhearable. I just found out that the volume if okay if I open another file first - this is a work-around but not a solution to my problem. Btw : If I use Windows Media Player to watch the files the audio is working fine.

Thanks in Advance
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