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Default 4. Tizio’s SkinMaker v.1.07 – new Manual 2012.

Tizio’s BSP SkinMaker v.1.07 – new Manual 2012. (By SergeNL, march 2012 v.1.0.)

Creating a Skin for BS.Player is a nice ‘creation-game’, ending in a fine useful product.
Editing a background image and buttons, and puzzling a bit, you produce a real mediaplayer.
Discovering the fun of Skin making, made me write a few supporting manuals.

Apart from the graphical design in a photo-editor, there is the technical design of the player:
a text file “Skin.ini”, with codes for button location and functions, volume slider, colours, etc.
You can create Skin.ini manually in Notepad, ór use Skinmaker to do that for you.
Both ways are good. But for beginners the easiest way to learn and to produce may be this:

Start reading the first parts of my manual “Making a very simple skin” about manual design.
(not posted yet. wait a day or so)
Once you’ve understood some basics, switch to this Skinmaker manual again to make a Skin.
Switch back to manual design later, for things Skinmaker can’t do, or to solve any problems.
You can design in Skinmaker and afterwards improve the Skin with Extended Panels or more.

-> Consider Printing this manual or use two monitors, to avoid switching all the time..
(This manual is currently on the Skin-forum, but will be as .Doc or .Pdf on the website soon.)

Skinmaker is a fine and easy tool, showing the design, and a clear layout of options.
Starting in Skinmaker looks a bit like preparing a table for a top dinner..
You bring your own tablecloth and plates and glasses, and start grouping them on the table.
Then you replace, improve, regroup, and refine everything.. The sky is the quality limit here..
You’ll go on, until it looks all fine to handle any audio- of video-dish that may be served..

1. Skinmaker can..
2. Skinmaker cannot..
3. Download and Install.
4. Load a Skin in Skinmaker.
5. Create-Edit a Skin in Skinmaker.
6. Find New Button Images.
7. The Full Screen Skin.
8. A New Skin.
9. More Info.

(All these Links are to posts in this Topic-thread. The Manual has 2 pages.)

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