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Default 2. Skinmaker (1.07) cannot..

2. Skinmaker (1.07) cannot..

* Skinmaker cannot create or edit any image files for the main image or buttons.
Skinmaker just uses the images you load. (See chapter 6., how to find images.)

* Skinmaker cannot handle Extended Panels in BS.Player, like in Base-Skin on the right.
The last version 1.07 from 2007 doesn’t support this, and may refuse to load the Skin.
If you load such skins, and save changes, áll codes for extended area’s in Skin.ini will be lost!!

It is a challenge to create such extended panels, by manual edit of Skin.ini in Notepad.
But once you start with that, NEVER use Skinmaker again to edit that Skin!
(Remember to make Backups of Skin.ini or the whole skin, by copying it to a different folder.)

* Skinmaker cannot edit the Media Library, the Playlist, and the Equaliser.
Tizio planned support for it, but did/could not realise it (yet). You can edit them manually.
Once you’ve understood skin making, you will easily find out how. (I might write a manual)

* Skinmaker cannot handle buttons with unusually high Action-numbers in Skin.ini.
This is just a small problem with some buttons in a few Skins, after you load them to study.
If you click one in Skinmaker, a popup says: “Run-time error ‘380’: Invalid property value”.
The Workaround: See chapter 5. Create-Edit a Skin in Skinmaker > Buttons > last note: Issue2.

The good news: Skinmaker is a very good tool. And what it can’t, you can do manually later.

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