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Default 4. Load a Skin in Skinmaker.

4. Load a Skin in Skinmaker.

* Download This Skin (All You Need - Version Of Kiss Skin, by Nir Segal).
You can download any skin you like Here. But I chose this one as an example because:
It is clear and has many buttons and functions to experiment with, and enough space too.
It’s Skin.ini is simple, and does not contain any confusing codes like for extended area’s.
It is a clone of “Kiss 2” by Frapan, a variant of “Kiss 1.0”, and very good for experiments.

Note 1: “Sample_Skin” (download Here), is too advanced for Skinmaker and quite complex.
It is very informative for advanced users, because of the many notes in Skin.ini.
Loading it in Skinmaker can be useful too, but Skinmaker will refuse it, until you do this:
Open Skin.ini in Notepad. Cut out “:pause” at Btn1 (Play). Exit and save changes in Notepad.
But if you save anything in Skinmaker, the many codes for Extended Area’s will all be lost.
Note 2: all standard skins included in BS.Player gave some kind of problem in Skinmaker.

* Install Skin. In Explorer, find the download “All_You_Need_Version_Of_Kiss_Skin_.bsz”.
Right-click it > Install Skin. But if that option isn’t there, copy the bsz-file to your Skins Folder:
That usually is here: C\ Program Files (x86) \ Webteh \ BSPlayer (Pro) \ Skins.

* Try the new skin in BS.Player itself first. Start BS.Player. Right-click it > Options > Skins.
In that Preferences-window, click the All-You-Need Skin.
Load some audio and video files, and play a bit to get familiar with the Skin and its buttons.

* Load the BSZ Skin file in Skinmaker.
Start Skinmaker. (Double-click Skinmaker.exe in Windows Explorer, or the Icon you made.)
Menu Bar > File > Open > find and select the Skins Folder. Double-click “All-You-Need..BSZ”.
You can also drop the BSZ-file from Explorer on Skinmaker.
A popup will appear. Click “Extract”. Now you see the loaded Skin in Skinmaker.

* Where are the Skin files?
The extraction created a subfolder in the Skins-folder, with the same name as the BSZ-file.
The subfolder itself is also a Skin, containing all images and Skin.ini. (see Windows Explorer)
Skinmaker uses that folder and the Skin.ini in it. You can edit and add images in that folder.
Changes will be saved to Skin.ini in that folder. Skinmaker does not edit the original BSZ-file.

* Load the Skin again? Load Skin.ini from the folder, NOT the original BSZ-file:
So if you edit, save changes, and close Skinmaker, next day open your work like this:
File > Open > Browse to the subfolder with the same name as the BSZ-file > Open Skin.ini.
(So do NOT open the BSZ-file again. You would extract again, overwriting all your files.)

BS.Player will show the Skin twice in the Skin-List now, because it is twice In the Skins-Folder:
As a BSZ-file, ánd in Folder-format. A Small Bug: You can click both, but BS.Player will
always show the most recent version of the Skin. (the version with the latest time stamp):
That is the BSZ-file if you created that last, or the Folder-version, if you have been editing.
This may give the impression Skinmaker saves changes to the BSZ-file too. But it does not.
To see both in BS.Player, rename the BSZ ór the Folder a bit, and renew the Skin-window.
You could also delete the BSZ-file. The folder version doesn’t need it.

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