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Default 5a.* Save Changes and Test.

5a.* Enlarge the Skin Image.
Load the All-You-Need Skin (see previous point). That is a good one to start with.
Move the mouse over the skin image in Skinmaker. Click when it becomes a magnify glass.
You’ll see a large version of the skin now. Drag that window a bit to see the whole player.

You can move almost any object in the skin by dragging it. Just try it. Make a mess of it. :-)
Everything you can’t move is part of the main background image.
(Note: during dragging, you normally just see a rectangle move. But if you want to see the
whole object move during dragging, press Ctrl on your keyboard while dragging.)

After this: Close the Skin (Menu Bar > File > Close). Do NOT save changes. Reload the Skin.

* Save Changes and Test.
Move one Button a bit. Save the change like this: Menu Bar > File > Save (or press F5).
To see the change: Menu Bar > File > Test Skin. (or Ctrl+F11) BS.Player should appear now.

Note: This Test-function didn’t work on my Windows7 64 bit. But the alternative is faster:
Start BS.Player > Right-click it > Options > Skins. Click the All-You-Need-Skin in the Skin-List.
Every time you click on it, it will reload the Skin. So you see changes you saved in Skinmaker.
So I keep that Skin window open for tests, and move it far to the side.
When Skinmaker is on top, I still see a bit of the the Skin-List window on the side.
So I can easily click on the Skin again to see BS.Player with the renewed Skin immediately.

When you close a Skin, it will ask to save changes.
(It will also ask this, if you loaded the Skin and did nothing more than selecting a button.)

You can view Skin.ini itself: In Skinmaker > Menu Bar > View > “View Skin File”.

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