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Default 5c.* Button Files.

5c.* Button Files.

Button Images. (Mouse-over and click effects)
Buttons are BMP-files in the Skin folder too. One Button can have 3 or 4 image files like:
PlayN.bmp = Normal appearance of the button.
PlayU.bmp = Mouse-over appearance of the button.
PlayD.bmp = appearance while clicking on the button (down).
PlayA.bmp = (never used for the Play-button) It’s for the on-position of on/off buttons.

BS.Player recognises these N, U, D, and A variants automatically, and will use them.
Skinmaker does not mention these variants, because there are no extra options for them.
There may be just one button. Then it’s image file name Múst end with an N!
Skinmaker lists all button names without the extra N. (or U or D).
You can replace or edit all images in a photo-editor. Then reload the Skin in Skinmaker.

Buttons in JPG-format?
Skinmaker supports Buttons with JPG-extension, but BS.Player does not. (currently v.2.61)
In the Buttons-List you can change the extension to JPG. Then you can click the Add-button.
A warning will say, ALL Buttons in the list (BMP-files) will be removed from the List!
Then you can add a JPG, if there are no spaces in the name, and an N is added to the name.
This all works fine. But BS.Player doesn’t recognise them: It shows a small grey spot instead.

Copy Buttons for tests.
After loading a BSZ-file in Skinmaker, you find all Button-images in the subfolder.
You can copy them to another Skin folder, to use them in another Skin, or to study them.
Be sure to copy all variants of a Button. And think of copyrights. See chapter 6.

Button Options: See next post. (Click to enlarge image)
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