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Default 5d.* Button Options.

5d.* Button Options.
(top-left window “Images”; sections “Buttons List”, “Customise Buttons”, and “Coordinates”.)

Topics: Buttons-List / Buttons-Type / Button-Actions / Coordinates /
Button Priority at Overlap / Add-Remove Buttons.

Click on the Play-button in the Skin Window.
The Play-button will be automatically selected in áll 3 window-sections on the left.
You can move the Button by dragging, but also by typing coordinates in the field left-under.

The name “Play” in section “Buttons List” is the actual name of the BMP-file in the folder.
Note, the added N, U, D, or A in the file names, are nót displayed in that List.
Buttons can have any name, but are mostly named after their function to find them easily.
But BS.Player does not recognise their function by their name. They are just file names.

Button Type:
- Normal = rectangular button. (the next two buttons are rectangular too, but..)
- Any Shape = partly invisible. Mouse-over and click will only work on the visible parts.
- Transparent = partly invisible. Mouse-over and click work on the visible ánd invisible parts.

Invisible will be everything that has the same colour as the top-left pixel of the button.
Try the Play button in Skinmaker. Change it from “Normal Button” to “Transparent”.
In the image you’ll see, how a few areas at the top of the button are invisible now.
It isn’t much. For a better example, select one of the black buttons left-under, and try again.
Transparency or Any Shape are often used to round up buttons. (transparent corners)
Note: the Full-Screen skin doesn’t support transparent buttons, but does support Any-Shape.

Button Action:
This assigns the real function to the button. The Play-button will get the function Play.
But in fact you could give any button any function, choosing it in in the Action-List.
Note: If a description in the List is not clear, just assign the function to a button, and try it.

The actions-list in Skinmaker is almost complete. As far as I can see, the only thing you
currently can’t do, is make buttons, that directly open a subcategory of Media Library.
And if a new version of BS.Player allows new actions, you can’t assign them in Skinmaker.
(For action numbers in Skin.ini, see my manual for manually editing Skin.ini.)

Coordinates of the button.
To see if buttons are horizontally or vertically aligned, you can look at their “coordinates”.
From the top-left corner pixel of Main.bmp, go 230 pixels to the right and 86 pixels down.
There is the top-left pixel of the Play-button. 230 = “X-coordinate”, and 86 = “Y-coordinate”.
You can click all buttons in the Buttons-List, and look at their coordinates left-under.
To align vertically, all X-coordinates must be the same. And horizontally, all Y-coordinates.
You can type in the fields. Just type a different number, and see the Play-button move.
Of course you can also drag Buttons in the Player-image, but typing can be more precise.

Button priority at overlap. (Buttons Up/Dn.)
Buttons can overlap each other, overlap bars, and overlap objects with text.
Buttons are always shown over Texts and Bars. And Bars are always shown over Texts.
But when buttons overlap each other a bit, you can choose the priority:
Select a button in the “Buttons List”. Use the buttons Up/Dn to move the Button in the List.
You can also right-click a button to move it. The lowest in the list gets priority over the other.
Another reason to move buttons in the list is to group them, to find them more easily.
To see the priority in the image in Skinmaker: Menu Bar > View > “Apply ZOrder to Buttons”.

Add-Remove Buttons.
Removing is simple: Select the button in the Buttons List, and click the Button “Remove”.
But remember: all Button files (N, U, D, or A-variants) will still be in your Skins-subfolder.

Add Buttons. First find new BMP-Button files. (See point 6.) Convert JPG’s to BMP.
Copy the new Button files to the Skin’s subfolder: That usually is here:
C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Webteh \BSplayer (Pro) \ Skins \ ‘Skin Name’ (like All-You-Need).
If the Buttons come from other Skins, be sure to copy all variants (N, U, D, and A if there.)
If the Button is only one image file, be sure to add an N at the end of the file name.

In Skinmaker, in the section “Buttons List”, click the Button “Add”.
Browse to the Skins subfolder. Find and add the button. (just pick the N, U, D, ór A variant)

In the Skin Image, the new Button appears at the top-left corner of Main.bmp.
Find the new Button under in the Buttons-List. Select it, choose a Type and assign an Action.
Right-click on the name of the section “Customize Buttons”, and click “Auto assign..”. Done.

Issue1: Sometimes you don’t see the new added button in the top-left corner of Main.bmp.
It might be invisible area in Main.bmp. Uncheck “Skin Any Shape” in section “Main window”.
Move the button to the visible part of Main.bmp, and check “Skin Any Shape” again. Done.
Alternatively: Select the Button in the List and type some coordinates in the field down-left.
This is not a bug. It prevents you from leaving buttons in area’s that will be invisible later.

Issue2: Skinmaker crashes on buttons with unusually high Action-numbers in Skin.ini.
This is just a small problem with some buttons in a few Skins, after you load them to study.
Skin.ini uses Action-numbers to assign functions to buttons; normally from 0 to 133 or so.
But for some reason there are some very high values for Buttons, like 6500-6505 and 9999.
These Buttons start the Media Library in a special subcategory: Radio, TV, DVD, or Audio.

If you click one in Skinmaker, a popup says: “Run-time error ‘380’: Invalid property value”.
After closing the popup Skinmaker immediately closes. (Restart it and load the file again.)
But as long you stay away from these buttons, you can edit the skin, and save changes.

Two Workarounds, if you want to move such buttons, or make them transparent:
1. Close Skinmaker. Open Skin.ini in Notepad. Search for button numbers like 26,54,0,9999.
Temporarily rename the value 9999 to 0. Save Skin.ini. Start Skinmaker and reload Skin.ini.
Done. You can change the value back later, once the whole design is finished.
2. Close Skinmaker. Open Skin.ini in Notepad. Change the X- or Y-coordinate of the button.
Save Skin.ini. Open Skin.ini in Skinmaker again. (but this is not very practical)

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