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Default 5e.* Button Texts.

5e.* Button Texts.

Button Texts during mouse-over:
If you move the mouse over a button in BSP, a Tooltip and text in the Title Bar appear.
Under “Custom Text” you can type any text in any language you want for a button.
(It can be fun to design a Skin in your own local dialect. :-)

But BS.Player is multilingual, and every good Skin should support that.
Users can choose a language in BS.Player. There are 45 language files in the folder “Lang”.
Code-numbers are used to display the same standard texts in different languages.
In Skinmaker, select the Play-button and “Multilanguage Text”. It says: “$lang.Actions.21”.
Click on that text-button. You’ll see a List, and the word “Play” in your current BSP language.

The easiest way to assign Multilanguage text to all buttons:
First design the Skin, or part of it. Add buttons, and assign actions to them.
Then right-click on the section náme “Customise Buttons”. (It doesn’t look active, but it is.)
It will say “Auto assign Multilanguage Descriptions to Buttons”. Click on it, and you’re done.
Skinmaker will see all assigned button-actions, and will assign the right code to all buttons.
Warning: this will override any custom text you may have assigned to any button.
And if you add buttons later, you’ll have to repeat this.

Choices in Multilangual texts for buttons:
When you clicked on the button with the Multilanguage text, you saw a long List.
It’s the complete language file, with sections for all occasions where BS.Player displays text.
The description for “Play” was in the [Actions]-section, exactly halfway in the List.
But you could choose text from other sections in the List like the [Menu] or [Strings] section.
Sometimes these descriptions can be more appealing. I saw it done in several Skins..

Note: The real Action-number in Skin.ini for BSPlayer is NOT the same as in the Lang-file.
When the real Action-number is 20, the text says “$lang.Actions.21”. (It mostly differs 1.)
This is confusing if you look in Skin.ini. Luckily Skinmaker doesn’t show Action numbers.
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