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Default 5f.* Objects showing Text or Numbers.

5f.* Objects showing Text or Numbers. (window “Display and GUI”, first 3 sections.)

A Skin can show seven objects containing Text or Numbers:
- Version = Displays the text “BS.Player” and the number of the installed version.
- Movie Title = The Name of the audio or video file loaded in BS.Player.
- Movie Info = Bit-rate and format of loaded audio, or size and frame-rate of video.
- Movie Length = hours/minutes/seconds of the current position and the total length.
- Repeat = Repeat mode setting: off, repeat one, repeat all, repeat random.
- Subtitles = The name of the loaded Subtitle file (language).
- Status = Text saying what the player is doing now.

In the “Display-section”, click in the empty field next to “Name” to see all seven items.
Click one. If the checkbox on the left is checked, the item is shown in the Skin.
Try all. In the All-You-Need Skin you’ll see five items are used. (Version and Status are not.)
If an Item is selected ánd checked, you can choose options for them:

* Coordinates (of the top-left pixel of the object). You can type, of drag objects in the image.

* Subtitle Format. ( I don’t know why this item is here.)
Leave it at the default 2. Format 1 is for BS.Player before build 814. (BSP v.1 or v.2?)

* Max Width: The length of text boxes can be limited. The Value is in pixels. 0 = no limit.
Without a limit, long texts can go as far as the right-edge of Main.bmp.
A limit may give a better layout, and will prevent overlap of objects next to it on the right.
Note: Buttons and Bars have priority over Text anyway, so long texts will go underneath.

Some considerations for a maximum width of Text objects:

a. Horizontal Scroll of: Movie Title, Movie Info, and Subtitle file name:
If the text is too long for a box with a maximum, it will slowly move left-right to show it all.
This is a nice feature, but moving text can be annoying, and you’ll have to wait for all info.
This does not apply to: Version, Status, Movie length, and Repeat. They never scroll.

b. Movie Titles can be very long. These are the real File Names of the Audio or Video files.
If you always want to see all of it, or avoid horizontal scroll, leave a lot of room on the right.

c. Subtitle File Names of SRT-files a.o. can be long too. They are the same as the movie titles.
SRT-files often mention their language at the end of the file name, like:
So if you can see the entire file name in BS.Player, you immediately see the language.
This can be very useful, if you cycle between several SRT-files: you see the language at once.
If not – and there are many subtitle files – you have to wait several times. That is annoying.
So if you want to show Subtitle File Names, better have enough room on the right too.

d. Movie Info can be long too. It can be like this. “Movie Size 1640x1100 @ 23.926”.
And in Spanish it will even be: “Tamano de la pelicula 1640x1100 @ 23.926” :-)
Again – especially if you want to avoid horizontal scroll – leave enough room on the right.
(You can also place a button right to it. Long texts will disappear under it, and won’t scroll.)

e. Repeat. BS.Player is Multilangual. Many may use a different language.
Example: “Repeat off” in Spanish is “Repetir Desactivado”. :-)
So leave enough room, or add a maximum width. Luckily Repeat does not scroll.
Spanish may have the longest descriptions. If you make it there, you make it anywhere. :-)
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