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Default 5l.* Creating a Skin File in BSZ-format.

5l.* Creating a Skin File in BSZ-format.

A BSZ-Skin file is just a ZIP-file with all image files and a few files like Skin.ini.
BSZ = “Bsplayer Skin Zipped”. The extension .Zip is renamed to .BSZ.

Make a BSZ-file. It can be done in two ways:

1. Zip all files to a Zip-file named xxx.Zip. Then rename it to xxx.BSZ.
Note: be sure to zip the files themselves directly, so NOT the folder with the files in it!
(BS.Player can read a BSZ-file, and can read a subfolder with image files + Skin.ini, but
BP.Player can NOT read a BSZ-file with a zipped folder in it, nor a BSZ-file in a subfolder.)

2. In Skinmaker save the Skin first. Then in the Menu Bar: File > Create BSZ from this Skin.
In the upcoming window; check all files, or uncheck the files you don’t want.
Check the box “Recurse Subfolders” to include subfolders and their files in the Skin.
Click on the Browse-Button. Type a name for the Skin. Browse to a Folder. Click Save.
Now click the Button “Create” to create the BSZ-file. Use Explorer to find the file.

Unzip a BSZ-file. (to find Button files) It can be done in two ways.
1. Rename xxx.BSZ to xxx.ZIP, and unzip it.
2. Load the BSZ-file in Skinmaker, and create a subfolder when asked.

Change a BSZ-file: 1. Unzip it (two ways). 2. Change the Skin. 3. Zip it again (two ways).

Backup notes..
Like any work you spend hours on: make backups regularly.
Backup: Just copy the BSZ-file, or Subfolder (= Skin in folder-format) to any other folder.
Restore a backup: Copy it back to the Skins-Folder.
To see a restored Skin in BS.Player: Re-start the Skins-window (Alt+S) and click on the Skin.
You can also copy the entire Skins-Folder, and copy it back later to restore the backup.

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