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Default 7. Full Screen Skin.

7. Full-Screen Skin.

Full-Screen Control Panels are the smaller BS.Player panels, you can see in full screen video,
when you move the mouse to the top or the bottom of the screen.

They are made like normal skins: a main image, button files, and an ini-file with codes.
All files are in the same subfolder as the files of the Skin for the main control panel.
The name of the ini-file here is always Skinfs.ini. Name the background image fsmain.bmp.
The normal buttons are used. But if you have special ones for this, call them like fsPlay.bmp.

Differences, compared to the main Skin:
* Transparent Buttons are not supported in full-screen Skins, but Any-Shape Buttons are.
* You can add just one Text-Object: ‘Status’: meaning hours/minutes/seconds.
* A Position-section to choose where the Panel will appear if you move the mouse up/down.
(* Modify Extension, about the file-format of Buttons. Forget about it, and just use BMP’s.
If BS.Player ever supports JPG, use JPG’s for both skins. Type JPG in the Skinmaker screens.
But note: the extension is only stored in Skin.ini, not in Skinfs.ini.)

Open the FS-Skin of All-You-Need in Skinmaker:
Menu bar > File > Open > Browse to the All-You-Need folder > double-click Skinfs.ini.
If you open a new BSZ-file, choose “Full Screen Skin” in the Extraction-window that popups..
Then click Extract. This will extract all files for both skins to a subfolder, whatever you chose,
but now Skinmaker will open the full-screen window, and the Full-screen Skin:

Just edit everything and try the results, like you did in the Skin of the main panel.

Forum Note: The Forum-form of this Manual has 2 pages.
If you use the standard-setting, this is the last post on page 1.

Screenshots: in reality there is only one window.
I made 2 screenshots to improve the quality: There is a 97KB limit for JPG's in the Forum.

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