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Old 13th July 2003
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Good question! :roll:
Selection the default one fixed the problems so far! :shock: :lol: 8)

Unbeliable, but true.

Frankly - using a Tualation 1,3Ghz, GF FX5200 300/425 Detonators 44.64 120G Maxtor SoundBlaster Live 5.1 and Abit ST6R mainboard on Win2k SP3 DirectX 9.0a, i see this options for audio output:

SB Live! Wave Device
Default DirectSound Device
Default Wave Out Device
DirectSound: SBLive! Wave Device

And i found it! Using Default Wave Out Device repeat the damn bug! Hooray, i found it!

So, solution, dudes, DONT use Default Wave Out Device! I warned you!

(to repeat this bug i using Jackie Brown CD2 - very quickly during first minutes you recongize that someting is entierly wrong and when you hear speaking and ppls have closed mounths, even blind must realize, that there is something wrong - not to mention subtitles are out of sync to audio after all...)

Hooray! God bless BST! :P :roll: :twisted:
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