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hmmm i haven't tried something like that .. so i can't tell.. and i definately don't have the time to run tests or something like that now..but i can tell you what i do .. at least my way works.. though it might not work on a pc that doesn't have bsplayer allready installed
i always use autorun menus and i never call the bsplayer program.. instead i only ask it to open the bsi file.. for example you could use something like "open=moviename.bsi"
since the player is allready installed ,the file extention is allready registered and it opens.. if it 's not allready installed however you'll get the "choose a program to open file type" dialog..(ofcourse using an autorun menu instead of a plain autorun inf file can eliminate this case)
I'm not sure if i got your point ..might be my english.. and i'm not sure about this one but i think that bsplayer for some strange reason can't accept a bsi file as a command line argument..i can be wrong at this one though..i think i've read this in the forums in the past..
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