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Default BSplayer freezing all computer at the end of the file played

I installed the new version of BSplayer 0.86c, build 500, 7july 2003. :)
Everytime I watched a video (regardless the length of it), all processes on my computer frsseze and I can't do anything else but CTRL+ALT+DEL, which kills not only BSplayer, but restatrt as well my bloody laptop. :shock: :x:x:x:x
I am wondering whether is due to a conflict with the MSN 6 which I have installed as well the same day or not... Or what the hell is happening... If anyone has a suggestion, you are welcomed to help me. :D
Previous versions of BSplayer have always been working fine before, has anyone encountered a similar experience ?
BSplayer is great, but I hope further "enhancements" won't destroy it anymore...

For those who are wondering, I got the new version within the kazaalite codc pack (

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