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Default Existing (?) feature? Command Jump time xx and other options

Ok, i don't know if all thoses features are available or not some post here..

I made some small films with a camcorder: most of them are small and i merge them into a big file for applying filters in one shot. Anyway, this is not an important point...

So i get mostly ogm file with various Audio tracks and also various comments (i created in srt files format). Advantage to use ogm is that i have only one file to manage instead of having many files for sub + movies.

I know bsplayer can pickup a given audio track as also manage subtitles and chapters: i can do what i want manually with the contextual menu.

But i also do a menu with an interface (which could be similar to an autorun in many aspect). So what i would like to be able to do is associate my menu with bsplayer.

For example, let take this movie:

I got a compilation of holidays movie made as follow:

Movie = 95 minutes

1. Introduction (time 0:00.00)
2. Going to the Airport (time 05:25.13)
3. Funny Michael (time 12:24.52)
14. End (time 93:01.24)

Audio track:
1. Original audio
2. Comments from me

1. Dates
2. Places

All of the above are mixed in an ogm file. When i load the file in bs, i can choose to switch from Audio 1 to Audio 2, go to chapter 5 for ex (or using the button next chapter/track) and decide in the middle to display the subtitles to get the dates or choose to be able to see the places name. So everything just working smoothly: i can "customize" the name to display for subtitles and audio track when creating the ogm.

Now, here is the problem. I made a small menu interface. In this menu, i took some screenshot for each chapters like on dvd in fact! I want to be able to run the movie with "special conditions": for ex if the user want to hear my comments or just the original audio track and pickup one of the subtitles.

When i do the menu, i need to use command line! For example, if the user want to drop on chapter 5, have the Comments audio track and display the places subtitle, i need to link the picture of the menu to a precise point in the movie with special arguments. For the given example, when the use will click on picture 5, corresponding to chapter 5, i have to run the movie with loading the comment audio track and the Place subtitle + start at chapter 5.

This should implies as for informations needed:

1. Find what is the cd drive letter
2. run the file from it
3. start it with Audio track x, at time y, with subtitle z (optional)

I know some command lines are posted around but not sure all these functions are shown. So i would like to know if it's possible and how.

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