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Default BS player crashes windows upon AVI playing


I've been trying to solve this problem for the last 24 hours to no avail. I have never experienced this problem before.

All of a sudden (I presume less than a week ago) BS Player won't play AVIs anymore. (I don't know about other file types). It opens normally, but as soon as I play any AVI file, it simply freezes completely and I must shut down and restrtart the computer. It does give a windows error message but as soon as that appears, everything is frozen and I can't even check the 'details' buton, not can I use the ctrl-alt-delete sequence to restatr the machine. It's that bad!

I have tried all kinds of settings to no avail. In one instance, I got an AVI to open (with an overlay ero message) that I could somehow play but froze immediately thereafter, Sometimes I would try with another movie and I would stuill get that first frame from the previous movie. And yes, it would do the dsame thing aven after a total uinistallation (where does it get that frame from???). But most fo the time, I just get horizontal or vertical black and white bars (then it freezes). ALL my other graphic apps function properly.

Uninstalling, unregistering, etc, reinstalling differnt versions in different directories did nothing at all. Cleaning the registry hunting for all BST entries, etc, had no effect whatsoever, when reopening from a new install I still get that fantom first frame from that unrelated movie freezing on me!!

All these files play fine in Windows Media Player.

I have even tried to restore earlier Windows Registries, to no effect. I have renamed and even removed bplay.ini, to no effect. I have renamed the file to bsplaywer. ini, to no effect. It seems that it's looking for its settings somewhere else and I can't find it. It is REALLY frustrating. I can't understand why software developpers can't have all their settings available in the sanme place for safekeeping and modifying! But that's another story.

At one point in my tweaks I was able to briefly run a movie for a second or so and got a fatal exception OE at 0028:C02A27A8 in VXD VWIN32(05) +000012D0. At least I was able to continuie normally in Windows after that.

Looking for that message on the microsoft help site did not help at all (what else is new).

I have been looking at my codec files, they all seem quite old, certainly not new from last week, can't see what could have changed.

The only other app I have recently tried is RegSeeker. That being said, restoring a registry from before my install of regseeker did nothing at all.

I have looked at all my most recently modified files and can't find anything related to BS Player that could give a clue to what went wrong. I've been very happy with BSPlayer so far and have been able to solve most setting up problems but this time I'm stumped.

If anyone has an answer to this, I'd really appreciate your input!

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