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Default BS Player ($5.99) Update (9-25-12)

Hi All,

Yesterday I got a notification there was an update. It took me to the "free" version in Google Play to process the update. In reading the "What's New" list, nothing appeared to be different than what I already had as features. So I updated, now have v1.5 build 133 (Galaxy S3 phone).

Today I see there is a different list of "What's New" items in Google Play for both free and paid versions. It also says there is an update released today (26th), not yesterday. I see some in the forum talking about Build 134, not my 133

1) Should I be updating from the "Free" version website?
2) Is it possible they released an update yesterday and another today?

I clicked on the "Installed" icon in Google Play for the paid version. That pop up window showed I had Build 135, while my phone said 133. I clicked what appears to be an install button, the phone was updated and now shows Build 135 on the phones "About" section. I have no idea what the new features or fixes are.
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