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Default HW accelerated WMV3 codec

Hi, what about WMV3 HW support? I'm using the PC to stream lan files to the tablet. Everything works amazingly fast, but i have many WMV3 files that only start in SW mode (even from local).

MX Player plays them in HW mode, but you must use a file explorer first to "open with". It's impractical to use the file explorer and switch back and forth mx-bs, plus this ads some overhead and causes lag in both programs and mx isn't even close to BS speed when seeking.

If mx can play WMV3 in HW mode WMV3, it can be done in BS also, right?


I've tested some other .WMV files with BS player and others

- WMV1 (windows media video 7) -> no HW acc with BS, plays in HW mode with MX Player and Dice player.
- WMV2 (windows media video 8) -> same as WMV1
- WMV3 (windows media video 9) -> same as above
- WVC1 -> runs with HW acc, few seconds of slow motion when seeking, after that it's all smooth

WMV1 and 2 seem to work "not so bad" in sw mode and suffer minor slowdowns when seeking. WMV3 is the worst and HW acc would smooth things out.

This guy brought the issue of WMV3 + SW mode back in august but it seems things aren't sorted out yet.

Also, could the "crop" button have an option to remember last state? I run 16/9 videos on the 1280/800 screen, and at every play i hit the crop button to get rid of the black bars up and down at the expense of a little side crop. Remebering to allways crop by default or not could be usefull.

Thanks for the great video player!

Samsung tab p6800 with stock rom 4.0.4.

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