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Default Video and audio going out of sync with Nexus 4

I was using BS Player with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I didn't have any issues with it. Audio/video sync was fine and I was able to use the video speed up feature to blast through those programmes that are a bit slow.

I've now moved over to the Nexus 4 and I am having issues. There's three options for the decoding mode:
  1. Software decoding mode
  2. Hardware decoding mode (BS player engine)
  3. System decoding mode (System player)

I believe the default setting is System decoding mode. When I use this mode, the video speed up feature does work but the audio/video sync goes really badly out of sync (whether I use normal speed or whether it is sped up). If I enable the option to "drop frames when going out of sync" then it comes back in sync every few seconds but it would still go out of sync within a second so it was equally annoying.

If I use the BS player engine, when I play a video, it tells me that it was not able to use the decoding mode and then reverts to the software decoding mode so I've set it to the software decoding mode as the default. This keeps the audio/video in sync but the video speed up feature no longer works.

Has anyone managed to get things with with BS Player? Is this not working like my SGS2 because it does not have some hardware or built in codec support?

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