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Default How to play different audio streams via different audio card

First of all, thank you, developers, for such best player!

But I have a problem:
I need the player to play one audio stream (englesh) via PCI audio card and, simultaneously, second audio stream (russian) via integrated audio card.

I knew that physicaly it is possible, becose I can make one copy of this player to play english via PCI card, and, simultaneously, other copy of the player to play via integrated card.

I need it for watching movies in original sound while my wife is watching the same in russian.
I would be happy with any variant of solving the problem. May be it is possible to sincronize two copys of the player, one of which plays english, while another plays russian, and I can pause/stop/FF/RW and navigate through one of them. May be there is the plugin which allow me to choose two audio output devices. May be there is a splitter with allow to do this.

But perfect variant is to find option in the player which allay to set up two audio output devices for different audio streams.

Any variant of solution, please!
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