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Default Main window always on top + Hide in taskbar?

Hi there, I always try to use the search function before i post so please
don't flame me if i've somehow missed a post in this matter.

Is it possible to make the MAIN window always on top? How?
If it isn't then see this post as a feature request, add a checkbox
and also add the possibility to have the MOVIE window on top of the
main window.

(Example, i like to have winamp on top of IE when i browse, i'd like
bsplayer to function the same way, but with the movie window on top
on of the main window, both in fullscreen and windowed mode.)

And another thing ... Minimize to tray+complete hide of start menu icon.
I've got a shortcut for bsplayer in quiclaunch so there's no need for yet
another icon for the player since i don't use multiple instances.

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