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if you have many files in the same directory (for instance 25 episodes of an anime), I would suggest this alternative:
  1. Open a command window (start->run->cmd.exe)
  2. change to the directory in which your files are
  3. type
    dir /b /on > bsPlaylist.bsl
  4. open the bsl file in notepad to delete the line that contains the name of the playlist file

explanation of the command line:
dir lists the files in the directory
/b tells dir to display only the file names
/on tells dir to order the files by name (alphabetical order)
> bsPlaylist.bsl redirects the output to the bsPlaylist.bsl file (it creates the file if it does not exist, replaces it otherwise; >> appends the result to the existing file)

you can type dir /? in a command window to get help on the dir command

Note: since the command only gives the file name, the playlist file must be in the same folder than the video files

yet another way to create playlists is to open bsplayer, open the playlist window and drag and drop files to this playlist window, then right-click on the playlist window and choose save to file
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