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Default REQUEST: command line support for hide / show bsplayer

I'm using your bsplayer 0.86 (can't remember which build) as part of a
psychology experiment i'm doing at university. Basically I film
participants and then I use the command line "bsplayer myavi.avi -fs -
eend -pan" to play back the video to the participants. I launch this
command line from a visual basic app i made that includes a form which
stays on top of all windows, including the movie in full screen, which
participants use as a kind of virtual dial for rating the emotions they
were going through. All of this is fine except that I would like to be
able to see the bsplayer time bar so that I can keep track of where in
the movie a participant is watching (as there are other processes going
on in the background the time they are watching in the movie isn't
necessarily real time). When my form isn't on top of all windows it's
quite easy to do this by pressing 'H' during fullscreen and bsplayer
pops up. For some reason, however, pressing 'H' does not work when my
form is loaded ontop of all other windows. What I'm asking then is: is
it possible to play a movie in full screen WITH the bsplayer showing
using a command line argument? This would avoid conflicts with stay-
on-top windows I think...
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