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Old 25th September 2003
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Default Build 501 problem tv out

I have updated my bsplayer to the latest but I found a problem. When I watch the film on my tv set (Gforce 4 mx 440 64 Mb with nvividia tv out using twinview) I get no full screen at all.. As the film is in 16:9 format I get the black band up and down but in the right side too! ???
Previous version of bsplayer worked fine (without using pan scan or similar) and other player work properly so... any idea?

(sorry if i didn't explain it well, but I hope you'll understand it)

Another question:
which resolution should i use on my computer to get fine quality to watch a film on my tv-set.. in other words ??which is your favourite setting to watch a divx film on tv?

Any comment will be appreciated.. thank you very much
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