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I tried Gspot before and it told me that with the 'black' files everything must be fine. The video path is (S) --> AVI Splitter --> DivX Decoder Filter --> (R) furthermore it says: 'DirectShow claims to be able to play the file'
With the other files where only the first few seconds are played rendering fails. Somewhere above it says:
'An invalid chunk has been encountered in the list containing the A/V frame data. Though not as serious as a corrupt header, it may still be serious enough to prevent the file from rendering correctly.

Details: While processing chunk /RIFF:AVI /LIST:movi, found bad length value 717858804 at file offset 0x0004b02e'

At the FAQs from DivX I read that my graphiccard may cause problems and they tell me that I should enable overlay at the display properties but I don't know where I should do that since there is no such button where they describe there should be...

I tried everxthing which I thought might help. I read the DivX FAQs and the forum over and over again but nothing would solve the problem...
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