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Default BS Player is default for ALL files.

Hello, and please excuse me if this thread already exists.

I have following problem,

I've set BS player to be default player for .avi, .mp4 and other video files, and that's fine.
Than I've set Foobar or some other audio player to be a defaul player for my audio files, and it stays that way, at least until I play some video.
That is, when I open some of my videos, BS player seems to automatically set it self to be default player for all kinds of files, no matter video or audio...

Can You please help me set BS player to play only video files, and other for audio files, so I don't have to manually choose which program to use every single time...

I use right click>open with>choose default program, but as I said for some reason it changes back to bs player when I play any video?

I'm using windows 7 64 bit if that matters for some reason.

Thank you in forwards for your help!
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