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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
Whereas I'm not having the brand "Chromecast" hdmi stick, I'm running BSPlayer for Android on another brand android hdmi stick/dongle on my TV since a while now. These have already been available for similar prices for some time now. (I also gave such a stick to my son who's also running BSPlayer for android on it). I don't know if this might be of any help to you though.
That is very interesting! Which Android stick? Where to buy it? Please give some more details.

Because, as I see it, Chromecast is a cheap and simple solution: It has only very limited abilities. It can't do any magic which BSplayer can do! Therefore, any Chromecast enabled player is restricted to forward a link to the location of the video and to pray that Chromecast can play it.

So, an Android HDMI stick could forward BSplayer's magic in full HD quality to the screen. So, all videos, via BSplayer's LAN feature even those located somewhere within the user's LAN on computers attached (TeraBytes) disks, could be played without DLNA's and other bottelnecks's restrictions!
I use a Poppy C-200 which gives me NFS access to all my computer videos and, like BSplayer, playes practically everything in native full HD quality. But it is an old, expensive and rather large "dongle".

Android HDMI dongle, running BSplayer, which in turn should allow to get remotely controlled by another BSplayer instance on a smartphone (in the same LAN) would be a cool solution?
Could I use my old Galaxy S2 in such a way? If yes, how to set it up and how to tell the BSplayer in the stationary, HDMI attached S2 from the other side of the room to which media file it should browse for playing on the big screen?
How did you and your son do it?

Testing BSplayer's Chromecast, I found this problem:
BSplayer's battery indicator wrongly shows red alarm and 0% battery charge, while indicator in notification bar shows correct value, e.g. 70% in the screenshot!
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