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Originally Posted by Ico-man View Post
Only mp3, ogg, aac sound are supported by Chromecast.
That must be one weird piece of hardware, if it cannot do the simplest thing of all, namely forward the digital audio stream as is, without filtering or re-encoding it. Chromecast just died a miserable death in my eyes.

So what is the best alternative? I just tried an HDMI adapter that worked with my previous phone, a Galaxy Nexus, but it seems that the newer phones, like my new OnePlus One, no longer have direct HDMI output.

What should I buy to be able to stream, for example, an MKV file with DTS surround sound (or AC-3 or whatever) to an AV receiver? It would be nice if the player recognized the resolution of the target screen and scaled the video to it, but if not, the AV receiver could also take care of the rescaling, if the HDMI output were the unscaled original. What I would most definitely reject is double rescaling.

I used to use a Windows notebook for this purpose, and this works very well, but the thing just died, and I am looking for alternatives. If there are none, I will just buy another notebook, but I would prefer to move forward and use something more elegant, like an Android device without a cooling fan.
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